Masturbation Monday 104 – Two Girls, One Guitar

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

It had been a very busy weekend with a lot of people around me. As much as I enjoy the company of others and always love going to various events, shows and play parties I always need time to process and de-stress after the fact. So myself, my slave and my submissive returned home for some much needed quiet time and with the kids nicely tucked up in bed I could begin that process for myself.

I’m a methodical person and one could say very predictable as I rarely stray from my tried and true ways of dealing with having “over peopled”. This generally comes in the form of a selection of music and just losing myself within until I find myself again. The playlist can vary but for the most part all the usual suspects are there, if not always in the same order. My slave is so used to this that she can tell what stage I’m at just by the selection of song.

Both were sat on the sofa while I moved continuously between the desk to choose the next song and the kitchen to smoke the next cigarette. Between songs I could hear brief snippets of conversation between them in hushed tones to not disturb my reverie. For the most part the conversation was little explanations, comments on the song choices, why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Then something out of the ordinary occurred, I had reached my final song, the one that always signifies my coming back to normality but as it finished I was still tense. The weekend had really taken it out of me and it’s not as if the weekend had been bad, it hadn’t. It had actually been really good and a lot of fun had been had between working. But I was still floating off somewhere.

I reached for the guitar which elicited a gasp from my slave and a look of concern. While I play to relax the fact that it was coming out at this moment identified to her just how far away I really was, much to my own surprise. While setting everything up I noticed that they had both gone from sitting on the sofa separately to cuddled up together but I paid it little mind and set about tuning the strings.

I began to play along with a song, it’s slow, not technically challenging to play but has so much depth in its simplicity. Both my slave and submissive love to watch me play but have never watched me play together. I’m not sure how far into the song I was before I first looked over to them but slave had straddled sub, her top was gone and her breast was pushed into subs face who was happily suckling away.

Now I know that just about every guy out there is sure that what happens next is that the guitar gets thrown to the side and I dive into the middle of what is going on – that’s not what happened. Instead, my gaze returned to the fretboard, my mind back to the harmony of my guitar and the music coming from the speakers. Every now and again a sustained note allowing for me to cast an eye to the sofa, seeing in snaps the progression of fully clothed to not.

As the solo begins my attention is drawn away from the kissing, caressing and sounds of moans, gasps and sighs from the sofa back to the frets. A new harmony begins but this time it is the sounds from the sofa matching the guitar. As one song finishes another begins and in this brief interlude my slaves asks if my sub can come. For the whole weekend sub has been referring to slave as “First Girl”, she defers to her will as if it were my own but slave needed to check to make sure she wasn’t countermanding me. As the intro to the next song began I started to play and gave a nod to the question.

Again I continued to play but this time the sounds from the sofa were louder, no longer subtle moans and sighs but growing in intensity, matching the music and the guitar playing. Glancing to the side I could see slaves hands moving furiously in subs underwear. Her legs opening to allow more space to move. Biting, kissing, writhing. As I struck sustained chords they were echoed by orgasm after orgasms, music to my ears.

The outro begins to fade, the notes trailing off and are replaced by the sounds of deep breaths and giggling. Once again I look over and the gentle caresses and kissing as returned. I put the guitar down and go to join them, all of us fully relaxed from the weekend.

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One thought on “Masturbation Monday 104 – Two Girls, One Guitar”

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Now that’s how you soothe a soul and a mind. Very nice!

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