Kink of the Week – Corsets

Oh corsets how I love you, let me count the ways!

I have loved the look of women wearing corsets for as long as I can remember, even as far back as a little kid watching westerns on the tv with my dad. Yeah the gun-fighting was cool and the good guy/bad guy storyline but the scenes that I loved the most was always the saloons with the barmaids normally wearing an underbust corset or the showgirls on the stage wearing overbust corsets.

As I got older and started choosing my own media to consume I always enjoyed and still do to this day predominantly fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and other geeky subjects and of course corsets and the like always featured as part of regular clothing in those stories.

When I began discovering kink in my teens the fetish model that was everywhere was of course Dita Von Teese and I fell in love with her look, elegant, confident and sexy. Going through god knows how many pictures I saw her in tighter and tighter corsets which eventually got to the point of not being attractive to me and more “how the hell are you breathing?!”.

I’ve been fortunate in having relationships with people that have really enjoyed wearing them as well as loving the attention they get from me when they do. I love when my sub wears one of her corsets. Her posture is instantly improved, she looks more confident and her movements are more calculated with better form. Her tits look amazing and the shape just makes her arse all the more succulent in appearance.

Kink of the Week - Corsets by Just_Indecerous

I really enjoy tying them and it is my own personal event as I tend to zone out and go off into my own little world as I slowly work the laces, tighten and then tie off. Breaking in a new one and watching her progress in tightness is just bliss for me.

Nowadays they are a lot more popular than when I first starting drooling over pictures of Dita in them and a wide range of styles to suit pretty much every persons individual tastes are readily available. Personally for me it’s steel boned or nothing at all but that is just my personal preference, overbust most of the time though we do have a few underbust ones for when I fancy seeing her with her nipple clamps and chain as well.

Anyway I shall leave it there as I don’t think they keyboard will survive any more saliva.

Kink of the Week by Just_Indecerous

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3 thoughts on “Kink of the Week – Corsets”

  1. I love seeing other women wear cosets, I drool over the perfect poise and figure they have. I only hope I look half as good in mine!

  2. Molly says:

    I do love seeing women in corsets although i agree with you about the ones where they look just impossibly thin, for me that is when they actually become unattractive. I find that they almost looked photoshopped because they just look out of proportion


  3. sub-Bee says:

    Yes! I think it’s Westerns I watched when I was young that first got me hooked onto the corset look. We were in Tombstone a few years back and I very nearly bought a whole saloon girl outfit back home with me, a small part is disappointed that I didnt!

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