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So here I am introducing Justin Unleashed where I vlog what I have been up to, what’s been going on in my life and what I think about various things that may be going on in the industry/world. I know that the title doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense because I am NOT the person who gets leashed but I thought it was snazzy when I came up with it a couple of months ago and have since gone dry on creative titles for things so for now it will have to do!

This is just me talking to you and saying what’s on my mind at the time and as such is as NSFW if not more so that my general review or educational content because at some point I am very likely to get mad at something and start effing and blinding rather loudly. It is by no means supposed to be professional and all prim and proper, it’s supposed to be pretty much ad lib with minimal editing and raw if you will. Not that my other stuff is particularly polished but I do try to be somewhat more professional when reviewing etc!

Going forward I don’t really know how often these will be but for now I’m going to say perhaps once a week in order to gather up stuff that I want to talk about but don’t hold me to it just yet! For this one I cover the clusterfuck? that was AskELJames on twitter yesterday as well as my first trip to an industry trade show at the weekend and finish off with AdultSexEdMonth.



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