Fleshlight Ice: Crystal Vagina – Review

Disclosure: The Fleshlight Ice: Crystal Vagina was kindly provided to me for review by sextoys.co.uk.

I’ve wanted to try out a Fleshlight for a few years now and never really got round to getting one because something else either came up or because if I went with the Stoya vagina over the Alexis Texas ass I would feel I was cheating on one or the other of some of my favourite adult stars. So when sextoys.co.uk offered me my choice of Fleshlight for review I opted for the “Ice” range because I love seeing how things work and this would be a great to share that with my other half.


The Crystal Vagina comes as part of Fleshlights “Ice” range and is presented in a pretty sleek package that’s black and turquoise in colour. The plastic window at the front gives a good view of the product itself and on one side there is an image of vagina which is nicely presented. There is also a picture of the inside of the sleeve that actually has the texture raised on the box so that you can run your finger across to feel what you are getting which is a fantastic idea. The back of the box contains general product blurb and a list of what’s inside the box.

Inside the box you have your Fleshlight as well as some trial sized water based lube which is a nice addition and also a pamphlet showing a section of the range on offer as well as handy tips on use, maintenance and cleaning.

Fleshlight Ice Vagina from SexToys.co.uk by Just_Indecerous

The Fleshlight Ice Crystal Vagina:

Taking the Fleshlight out of the box the first thing I noticed was how big and heavy it is. With the protective cap on it is 10” long and it weighs about 650 grams. Taking the cap off to feel their patented “Superskin” I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at just how realistic it felt to the touch which is no small achievement. The vagina is realistically proportioned and looks fantastic with the clear sleeve that has been used for the “Ice” range. Removing the sleeve to inspect it I found no cracks in the material, everything was pre-powdered with their reviver and in perfect condition.

Fleshlight Ice Vagina from SexToys.co.uk by Just_Indecerous

Fleshlight Ice Vagina from SexToys.co.uk by Just_Indecerous

The plastic casing that house the sleeve is completely clear with some branding on the side and has a ribbed effect on it to allow for a better grip when using the toy. The cap I mentioned that covered the vagina is for protection of the toy and is a simple twist to lock in place. The cap at the base is a screw cap and serves to increases the amount of suction the toy provides which you can change by either tightening or loosening the cap.

The Test:

As the aim with the Fleshlight Ice is to be able to see exactly what is going on when using the toy I thought the best way to test this initially was with my other half so we could both watch and enjoy. She applied some water based lube to both myself and the toy and as she was doing so commented on just how realistic it felt both outside and in.

When she slid it down my hard cock for the first time I was shocked at how good it felt. It was extremely comfortable and minus the temperature would have been almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The texture within certainly added to the sense of realism as it hugged my cock and she began to slowly move it up and down, taking her time with it. It felt amazing, each rib and bump stimulating every angle of my cock with its softness.

Fleshlight Ice Vagina from SexToys.co.uk by Just_Indecerous Fleshlight Ice Vagina from SexToys.co.uk by Just_Indecerous

Due to the powder used on the sleeve (which also rubs off on casing) it is not as clear as I wanted it to be. You could certainly see what was going on but it was as if you were looking at it through a sheet of ice, not clear glass as marketing would suggest.

I took over control of the Fleshlight while she masturbated for me with another toy and we both enjoyed the sight of each playing with ourselves. I decided I didn’t want to cum in the toy and ordered her to slide herself down my very ready and willing cock as soon as I removed it from the sleeve. Obviously I am very well versed with what her pussy feels like and could tell the difference immediately but even so as she continued to grind down on me and ride me to an orgasmic conclusion it felt so so similar.

After use cleaning was very simple as you just use some hot water and run it through the sleeve and make sure you get rid of any lube or cum and wash the rest. Leave it to dry and then add some reviving powder to the sleeve and replace in the casing. As good as new for your next use.

Fleshlight Ice Vagina from SexToys.co.uk by Just_Indecerous


So was it worth the wait? In short yes, in comparison to other strokers that I have used in the past the Fleshlight Ice: Crystal Vagina beats them hands down. The “Superskin” feels so real that in the dark you would be hard pressed to tell the difference on first contact. In use it feels fantastic as the textures stimulate every area of your cock and the ability to adjust the level of suction is a nice way to customise the experience.

Where it falls short is that the idea is that it’s clear, that you can see what is happening and after a fashion you can albeit as if you are looking through Ice. If you want that crystal clear appearance you can achieve it but to do so you must first wash the sleeve to remove the powder. But by removing the powder you also remove that silky realism of skin so it’s a trade that is up to you which you want most.

At £49.95 sextoys.co.uk are the cheapest I have found and that’s after quite the markdown from RRP. For how good this feels and its quality I would recommend picking one up – especially if you want to share the experience with your partner.

Lifelike ICE ICE Baby

Male sex toys aren’t exactly what you would call varied and vast even now a days. Fleshlight is one of the most popular you can get and for good reason. It is nice to change things up every now and then so why not a hole? If you want a hole of your own to enjoy just click below.

Fleshlight from SexToys.co.uk by Just_IndecerousFleshlight ICE: Crystal Vagina – SexToys.co.uk


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