Five Headed Wartenberg Pinwheel – Review

Disclosure: I was sent the Five headed Wartenberg Pinwheel by Uberkinky as part of their reviewer programme.

I have a confession: Until receiving this item from Uberkinky I have never owned a Wartenberg Wheel/Pinwheel. I know, I know, bad Dominant! Bad! I’ve always loved the look of them and always meant to get around to buying one but there was always that one thing that I needed that little bit more so it never manifested. When I saw that this Five headed Wartenberg Pinwheel was on the reviewer list I decided it was about time I got my hands on one and had a play with it.

If you don’t know what a Wartenberg wheel is it is a medical device that was used to test neurological responses as it was run across the skin. These days it is commonly used within D/s play as a sensory toy.


The Five Headed Wartenberg Pinwheel comes packaged in a plastic case/sleeve with a black at the back and clear at the front so that you can see the toy. It’s nothing to scream about to be honest but it is still nice to have to keep the toy in as you don’t want the pins wrecking anything else in your toy box.


The Five Headed Wartenberg Pinwheel:

The pinwheel is made from stainless steel and features 5 rollers of spikes, It’s about 6 inches long and approximately 1 inch wide at the head. Being stainless steel is is very easy to clean as it can be sterilized in boiling water and also there are possibilities for temperature play as well. The 5 rollers cover a nice surface area making it good for larger areas of the body and those pins are sharp!


In Use:

I used this on several occasions with my play partner while having her naked and bound to the bed. As is has five rollers it weighs more than other Wartenberg pinwheels which means that it doesn’t require you to apply a lot of pressure to get the desired tickling effect that it creates. I found it very effective as a way of teasing my play partners nipples and pussy lips and as she was blindfolded she couldn’t see where I was going to trace across her body.


She really enjoyed the sensations that it provided but as I am a sadistic Dominant I wanted to see how much it could hurt and began applying increasing amounts of pressure as I traced it up her inner thighs. Suddenly what was relaxing sighs and moans became sharp intake of breaths and I could tell it was creating the desired effect. I found that when applying pressure the skin reddened very quickly and after the warm of the skin died down there were little pin prick tracks all over her body where I had applied pressure. Beautiful marking if I do say so myself.


On one of the other occasions playing with the toy I tried some temperature play taking a bowl of warm water and a bowl of ice to the bedroom with me and leaving the pinwheel in each between uses. It worked fantastically, the warmth of the steal giving a very relaxing sensation or the cold steel making her want to pull away. If you are anything like me and you want to be a little more evil with it you can also drag the wheel sideways which will leave some very sharp scratches!



I should be ashamed of myself for how long I have waited to have a Wartenberg Pinwheel in my toy collection as it is such a great addition to my other toys and has plenty of application for me in my D/s play. Whether it is light teasing sensations or downright evil scratching this stainless steel beauty does the job nicely.

At £19.99 I think the Five headed Wartenberg pinwheel is fantastic but if you are strapped for cash or if you find the idea of five rollers intimidating then Uberkinky have a nice range of Wartenberg pinwheels on offer that may suit your taste better. Having used this one I would happily try anything from their range. Highly Recommended.


Want a Five Head Wartenberg Pinwheel?
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Also if you are just getting started read Uberkinky’s Beginners Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels here.

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