Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps & Cockring Set – Review

Disclosure: I was sent the Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps & Cockring Set by Sextoys.co.uk for free in exchange for an honest review.

Packaging & Delivery:

I was sent a few items from Sextoys.co.uk to review and they arrived promptly in a discreet brown box. The set is contained in a Pipedream signature Fetish Fantasy designed box which means it’s white with a model on the front using the item. In this case the torso of some burly looking guy though thankfully not with only about 6% bodyfat and in desperate need of a pizza. The set itself is kept in a sealed plastic bag within the box as well as the freebie blindfold that comes with it.

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps & Cockring Set - Review by Just_Indecerous


Pro Tip – Spell check comes as standard with all word processing software. Unless the blurb on the back of the box was written by a pirate the word “arr” is not acceptable. If you are indeed hiring pirates then I apologise.

The Nipple Clamp & Cock Ring Set:

Starting from the top of the set you have the metal alligator clamps which provide an adjustable amount of pressure via the stem screw on each. They are made of metal and have black rubber tips though soft to dampen the pinch of bare metal they are also not tightly attached and easily come off. If that’s something you want then cool, if not be careful because they can easily go missing!

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps & Cockring Set - Review by Just_Indecerous - Close Up Image of Nipple Clamps

The two metal chains are about 19 cm (7.5 inches) long and connect the clamps to the strap via an O-ring which is unfortunately discoloured in places which is most likely due to a long time in storage, cheap materials or a combination of the two.

The strap has a vinyl top layer that has a leather texture and appearance with a soft foam middle and finished with a softer lining that rests against the skin. The buckle feels flimsy and brittle, not great quality at all.

Finally the cockring at the bottom has an internal diameter of 5cm (2 Inches). It doesn’t have the discolouring that the O-ring has but where it has been cut to allow the strap to be attached has left it with two uneven edges. You can hide these within the fold of the strap but if comes away from there is could easily pinch the skin on your cock…if you’re into that then cool for you…if not it could irritate.


I attached the nipple clamps with ease using the screws to hold back a little but quickly just set them to their strongest pinch as it wasn’t particularly strong by my standards. They held firm very well and the rubber tips made them feel very comfortable for me.

I placed my cock through the cockring and proceed to masturbate. I took the buckle up a notch to create a little more tension so that it would pull on the chains as I wanked off to my favourite porn scene and came happily.


I’ll be honest when I first saw this I cringed as it just isn’t me at all! It’s not the kind of thing I would wear and my sub would find this ridiculous on me as her Dom. That said though there are plenty of people who would like the look of this and if you’re one of them then all power to you and this isn’t that bad an item to pick up on a tight budget.

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps & Cockring Set - Review by Just_Indecerous - Image of Hardcore Stitch XXX!

The clamps are adjustable and are suitable for beginners to nipple play and while they do provide a satisfying pinch I feel that serious nipple players are going to find it lacking in strength. Pulling on the chain or removing the rubber tips will certainly increase the pain if that’s what you are looking for.

The cockring is only one size so best to check that it is going to do anything for you before buying. For me it was practically useless as it was too wide to provide enough pressure on my cock to trap any blood so measure your cock to save disappointment.

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