Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag – Review

Disclosure: I was sent the Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag by Sextoys.co.uk for free in exchange for an honest review.

Packaging & Delivery:

I was sent a few items from Sextoys.co.uk to review and they arrived promptly in a discreet brown box. The gag is contained in a Pipedream signature Fetish Fantasy designed box which means it’s white with an attractive woman on the front using the gag and on the back some product information. Not the worst packaging I have seen from them but nothing to shout home about. The gag itself is kept in a sealed plastic bag within the box as well as the the freebie blindfold that comes with it.

Pro tip: Fire whoever thought “Made from the same durable material as plastic PVC pipes…” should go in your product description. It may be true but no one wants to be reminded of pipes and the shit that goes through them especially when the accessory you’re selling is going in their mouth. “Made from firm, durable PVC plastic” would have sufficed.

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag Review - Just_Indecerous

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag Review - Just_Indecerous

The Bit Gag:

As mentioned the bit gag is made from PVC plastic and is very firm, when I looked over it I couldn’t help but just see a thin pipe (thanks blurb on the back…seriously fire that guy!). It’s 13 cm long (5 inches) and a diameter of 1.8 cm. There are two holes drilled at either side for the O-rings to pass through and though these are fine the ends of the gag haven’t been smoothed down, leaving rough and slightly chipped edges. It won’t impact play but does speak to the quality of it.

The O-rings are metal and strong but where they have been cut to allow the vinyl strap to be attached has left a small gap. The ends aren’t level meaning that they could nip/scratch the skin or catch hair. You do have the ability to turn them so you can hide it within the gag to prevent unwanted snags.

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag Review - Just_Indecerous

The vinyl strap is lengthy though I have to wonder who or more accurately what they used to measure it as there are 4 holes and even on the tightest It would be slack to anyone except maybe Andre The Giant. As it’s a beginners gag perhaps the idea is that it is loose so that the recipient could just spit it out? but if that were the case why bother having the damn strap at all?

The Test:

I decided to use the gag as part of my other halfs position training so placed it in her mouth and pulled the straps tight to get an idea of where I was going to have to put a hole through it. I got a knife and made the hole which was easy but before replacing it I measured that I required a hole 6 inches further down the strap than the tightest hole…whose head was this made for?!

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag Review - Just_Indecerous

Anyway gags don’t really keep someone quiet no matter what the box may say. They don’t really prevent talking, they just make it muffled and more difficult. What they do though is look cool and produce drool and to me that is hot as fuck. During her half hour of training she looked cute and made a mess of herself with drool and it didn’t become uncomfortable for her to wear.


Not everyone can afford high quality, luxury items and not everyone who is taking their first steps into BDSM wants to shell out a tonne for something that they don’t know if they are going to enjoy. The Fetish Fantasy Bit Gag exists for that reason, it has it’s place in the market and at £15.95 you could do far worse though I feel £12.99 would be more accurate a price-tag.

My only concern with it is the O-rings possibly getting caught or scratching unintentionally and other than that I have no real qualms with it. Personally It is not of high enough build quality that I would use it as it feels cheap to me but for a beginner that doesn’t want to sink money into silicone and leather from the get go it’s an alright place to start.


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