Electrastim Electrosex Stimulator Multi Pack – Review

Disclosure: The Electrastim Electrosex Stimulator Multi Pack has been kindly supplied for review by Electrastim.

I have been a big fan of electrostim porn for a long time and it has been something that I have been dying to get my hands on and use. Thankfully the kind people at Electrastim saw fit to make that a reality by providing me with this pack to use and review along with a pair of their electroclamps (which I reviewed here).

As there is a lot in this pack to cover the video above covers all of my impressions of it and how it was used (including a demonstration on my belly). In order to keep the video from being too long and bloated with so many details I opted to keep all the technical details here in the post. So if you want the whole experience watch the video then read below. If you are just interested in what’s in the box then read on!

 ElectraStim Flick EM60 Stimulator



95mm x 55mm x 15mm

Recharchable (3 hour charge, 6 hour use)

“Flick” feature

7 Built In stimulation patterns

24 levels of intensity

50 Flick levels

LED display

Slim design with soft grip on the rear.

2mm Connector cable & Charging cable


 2mm connector, charging cable doesn’t come with an adapter.

ElectraStim square Self Adhesive Electrapads



Easy to use

Can be worn anywhere below the waist

Self Sticking &and can reactivate adhesive with small amount of water for multiple uses

2mm connection

ElectraStim Electraloops Adjustable Cock Rings



Adjustable up to 2.75″ diameter

ElectraStim Silicone Noir Aura





3″ insertable length

3.3″ girth

Flared base

Great for beginners

*I haven’t included the drawstring pouch or the conductive gel here but they also come in the box, they are shown in the video.


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