E-Stim Systems Penis Plugs – Review

E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous
E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous

Disclosure: I was sent these Penis Plugs to review for free by E-Stim Systems and I would like to thank them for the opportunity to put them through their paces.

Back around september/october time I took my first steps at putting things down my pee-hole with a Urethral Sounds kit and it was an interesting experience to say the least. I enjoyed the experience of trying something new and the feeling that came with using the sounds but I will admit since then it hasn’t made more than a couple of appearances in my solo play.

So why then review a similar thing but with electricity involved? Well the answer is in the question, there’s electricity involved! It’s no secret that I have a love for electrosex products and since starting to use them both on myself and particularly with play partners that has only grown exponentially. So I wanted to revisit the idea of sticking things down that hole having had some more experience with it and the inclusion of something I know I love, Estim.


E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous

The Penis Plug comes in a black plastic tube that is modelled after a screw or a bolt with a sticker on the front to indicate the size, small, medium or large. The case unscrews and you will find a piece of foam at the top and the bottom to cushion the Penis Plug which is contained within a sealed plastic bag.

I’ve seen this packaging before with the Large Flo and I like that E-Stim Systems continue on with this particular design as I really like it. It looks inconspicuous to the casual observer, is the right size for the product and keeps it protected during transport.

E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous

The Penis Plugs:

The Penis Plug is made from aircraft grade aluminium which is mirror polished and is made right here in the UK. They are available in three different diameters, the small is 7.5mm, medium is 8.5mm and the large is 9.5mm, all of the plugs are the same length at 2 ¼” of which 1 ¾” is insertable.

Each plug features a diamond shaped head which is tapered for easy insertion which expands out to the maximum diameter above before receding back to the smooth shaft allowing your urethra to close around it. There is a pretty large circular base with some simple ridges around it that add to the visual aesthetic of the plugs which I like, this is where you will find the 4mm socket for your cable. They look heavier than they are as well, the large weighs in at just about 19g while the small that I have is around 16g.

E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous

In Use:

The Penis plug is a unipolar electrode which means that you will have to have one plug and another electrode connected in order to complete the circuit. As sticky pads tend to do very little for me I opted to use the conductive rubber cock loop from my Intro2Electro for Him kit as my second and set about getting everything connected. With cock loop attached and some erotic reading to hand I was ready to get under way and with a healthy dose of ElectroGel smothered over the the plug began to insert the small plug.

The feeling of sliding something down your urethral hasn’t got any easier to describe but there is certainly a sharp, cold sensation to begin with and the pleasant sensation of being stretched before your penis for want of a better word “swallows” the plug and closes around it. It was certainly a nicer sensation than the sounding kit that I had used previously and also a lot simpler given that the Penis Plug is only 2 ¼” in total length. Fully inserted felt very comfortable with the tip resting somewhere just behind the frenulum and the base nestled nicely on the tip of the head of my cock.

E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous

Even at this stage I already preferred the Penis Plug over the Sounds, even though I hadn’t switched on the powerbox yet. The reason for this is that once inserted I don’t have to hold on to it, it rests in place leaving me hands free to control the powerbox and more importantly I can actually tug away. I fell in love with the Penis Plug when I finally added the electricity though, starting off on low power you instantly begin to feel that tingly sensation that develops into a power throb/vibration as you increase the power. Oh my god do you feel it! Your cock just bursts into life with almost every one of those sweet spots firing off at once!

I enjoyed holding on to the base and easily sliding it up and down my urethra while having the power box on a continuous output and using the motion to create the different sensations but the most fun I had was using pulse and leaving the plug in place. I will admit that is somewhat amusing and mesmerising just watching you dick bounce and throb in reaction to the current but what I enjoyed most was that I could continue reading my smut while the Estim provided all the stimulation.

E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous

Eventually I was more than wound up enough to be playing with myself in time with the pulses and eventually took the plug out so that I could relieve myself of my built up tension which felt utterly amazing! I’ve since found that I could actually take the larger plug which although not a massive difference in size does change the intensity of the stimulation significantly which for me has been a really awesome experience.

Given the hands free nature of the Penis Plug I have found over the weeks that I have been wanting to use it more which unlike my previous experience with sounds was not really the case which has surprised me in the most pleasant of ways. If you are a submissive male or are happy to hand the control over to someone else then I can see the Penis Plug being a staple in electro CBT. At lower power levels it creates a beautiful sensation that can be used to tease but at higher levels it really can pack a punch which is great for orgasm denial or to keep a masochist happy.

E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous

Cleaning after use was very simple as it is all one piece and aluminium. Some warm, soapy water and sex toy cleaner works though as you are sticking this down your urethra I would also recommend some alcohol rubs as well.


It’s funny to think that I looked at this as a new spin on a form of play that I felt was ok but was never in my mind so great that I would want to do it often. The Penis Plug has shattered that feeling and made my first foray into urethral play with Sounds look shit in comparison. I think this is for two main reasons; the first being the addition of electricity into the mix, there is no doubt how good the Penis Plug feels when powered on and inserted. The second is that it is small and I don’t have to hold it in place, my hands are free to do other things while I enjoy the sensation of the electricity.

The Penis Plug is a top quality which is evident in its flawless construction and to be honest it does everything it sets out to do perfectly. While sticking something down your pee-hole may seem a little daunting at first I think the size of this is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike with a range of sizes that will suit most. At £34.99 each, regardless of size you have a great quality product that is worth every penny and if you have never tried urethral electrosex play this is where I recommend you start!

Looking to plug yourself in for a shocking ride? Head over to E-Stim Systems to pick up your own!

E-Stim Penis Plug Small & Large Review by Just_Decerous


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