Delrin Big Birch Spanking Cane – Review

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Packing & Delivery:

This is the final item that was in the package recently sent to me from The package arrived promptly within 48 hours and was a again a cup up section of a thick cardboard box, folded and covered in a black plastic wrap with plenty of tape to keep the items tightly secured.

The Delrin Big Birch Spanking Cane:

When I took this out of the package I have to admit that I turned my nose up at it for no other reason than it was white and plastic and quickly tossed it to the side in favour of the other items in the package.

The Big Birch is 60cm (23.5 inches) long overall and features six delrin canes, 4mm in diameter and 43cm (17 inches) long. They are all attached to a 17cm (6.5 inch) moulded rubber handle at the base. Overall the Birch is very lightweight, the six rods are smooth and very flexible but durable and don’t feel as though they would break easily.

The black moulded rubber handle is the same as the one used on their Stinger Rattan Cane and feels really good in the hand, very comfortable and plenty of grip.



The Test:

Holding the Birch is very comfortable as I have said thanks to the fantastic grip and makes that lovely swish as it travels through the air though it does have a little rattle as the canes hit against each other. I found that it was very easy to wield but the flexibility of the canes can make it a little hard to control accurately at first but I got used to this quite quickly.

As I do with all impact toys I spent a bit of time whacking myself on the thigh or backside in order to get a good idea of what it felt like on impact before using on my sub. I found that the tips can leave a very nice sting and if you strike further down the cane you get quite a thuddy impact – not so hard but also not too soft.


Leading her to the bedroom and binding her hands I had her bend over on all fours with her pretty behind swaying in the air waiting. Tracing the cane tips down her spine and over her cheeks sent a shiver through her and I’m told was a very relaxing feeling, like very gentle massage.

Starting off with quick but light strokes over her rear I found that the flexibility of the birch was great for keeping the strokes even and required little more than a flick of the wrist to keep the tempo up as it did a lot of the work itself. It was a little bit noisy due to the rattling of the canes but it wasn’t off putting for either of us. She was already starting to redden on her pale behind when I started with the harder strokes, hearing the satisfy swish as it travelled, the thwack as it connected and the yelp as she felt the sting.


Taking a hair bobble around the canes and resting at the handle I progressively moved it further up the cane between strokes to lessen the flex and intensify the impact, eventually reaching the tip of the canes and essentially turning it into a very thick cane for the final stroke. She screamed into the pillow for the last profound stroke on an already burning backside. I thanked her for her diligence and held her close.


I’ll be honest at first the Big Birch Spanking Cane did nothing for me but it has grown on me in the time that I have had it and used it. I still don’t like the white and would prefer to use Kooboo over Delrin but that is just personal taste and not everyone is going to feel the same as me in that regard.

The cane itself is built to the quality that I have come to expect from which is fantastic and there is nothing here to complain about. The canes are all secure, smooth and well attached to the brilliant rubber handle and it’s all produced and made in the UK which is a big bonus for me as I love to see home making a dent in the industry.


It gives me everything I want in a cane in that it sounds good in use and provides her with a satisfying sting that passes quite quickly but does get the blood flowing nicely. With the addition of something like a hair bobble or rubber band it gives you quite a variation of intensity as well. It has had regular use more as a toy for getting her bottom all warmed up ready for the big hitters and in that role it does very well for me.

For £14.95 It is a great impact toy for beginners who want to advance beyond a flogger and move towards canes as it isn’t as harsh as a rattan type cane it is also easier to clean and maintain. Recommended.


Being Plastic is Spanktastic

Viable alternative for those who don’t like wood (you can take 5 secs to snigger as I just did). Different sensations are available out there, canes can be like people varied, come in different shapes and create different sensations. Intrigued? Want a go? Want to show Just_In just how spanktastic plastic can be? Well give that hand down there a digital high five and venture forth!

205850_173328089469233_80905538_nDelrin Big Birch Cane  –


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